Stressed about Results Day?

Here’s my advice as a recent graduate: Keep calm – You’ve got this.20180813_115058 (1)

Results day is right round the corner and lots of people will be expecting a piece of paper that will change the course of their life for the next few years. Even if it wasn’t the life course you were expecting, it will still change the course of your life – and it will be fab no matter what! I remember my A level results day, I cried so much – of happiness! I was so so proud I’d actually got that far!

However, if you don’t get the grades you need to get into your university of choice, its not the end of the world. No matter what your grades are, your amazing! Grades do not define a person, or their individuality. They don’t define me! And they are not ‘everything’.

Two of my closest friends didn’t get the grades they wanted for their first choice of university, and ended up at Trent – but these people also said they wouldn’t change it for the world! They still got their degrees and all the friends and memories along with it!

Its OK to be scared about change – I am (a lot). Moving to university is a big thing, especially for someone straight out of school, and its OK to worry/cry about it. I did – I cried lots. But I got used to it, and you gain that independence.

I’m going through a change now, I have no idea about what I want to do after university and I have no plan what-so-ever! I’m trying to learn to embrace the unexpected instead of fear it. Not only that, but I’m trying to accept its OK to change your mind altogether, because that happens some times. Change uni, change course or change your life plan altogether. What matters is your happiness.

Being at university was an amazing experience and a huge huge learning curve for me. I’ve grown up, matured and made loads of friends. I’ve grown in confidence too! I honestly think this would have been the case no matter what university I went to, I just would have met different people.

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I’d been waiting for graduation for ages – It’s what kept me going through uni!

I graduated this year with a 2:1 and I could not be prouder of myself. I am so glad that I went but I also understand that it isn’t for everyone – loads of people I met at uni dropped out for various reasons, and that is still OK.

As I said I’m learning to embrace the unknown and fill my life with things and people who make me happy.

What I’m trying to say is – Do what makes you happy and work hard at it, and if things don’t go to plan, don’t worry about it! Things always work out in the end!

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Jess x


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