No plastic in the ocean here!

This week I went to Brighton for the day! I’ve never been before, and I’m glad I went – it was so pretty!


Me and the family (sister and mum) went down on the train and went for a little walk before heading to the beach. On the way to the seafront we went through the gardens of the Royal Pavilion. I’m a bit of an OAP when it comes to these things – I love a good garden!


When we got to the beach the huge pier stretched out into the sea, at the end was a funfair. The weather was just right, and I actually caught the sun on my shoulders a bit.

The thing I did notice about Brighton was the large presence of litter pickers and plastic waste awareness. Dotted around the coast there was signs with waste bags and litter pickers to use – several shops has signs that said stuff like ‘we picked up 178 pieces of rubbish in 10 minutes – see if you can beat us’ etc. This made me happy as I’m quite conscious of plastic in the oceans, with it being the media a lot lately. I’m glad more people are making it easier for the public to get involved with this issue. I’m trying to be more waste aware and use less plastic – got a reusable water bottle recently.

At the sea life centre, the recycling and littering message continued. Throughout the centre, messages, hints and tips on recycling and plastic waste were all around. Some tanks even had ‘rubbish’ placed in them to make visitors more aware.

The ceiling of the sea-life centre was so beautiful!

I love sea-life centres anyway because they conserve species but making the public aware of the worlds plastic problem is all the 20180820_143900better.

After this we headed to The Lanes and the town centre for some shopping. Two of my favourite shops were in the town – Lush and Wittards. The Lanes were so so adorable too, narrow colourful streets filled with jewellery, chocolate and little trinkets.

All in all, Brighton was a really nice place for a day out with the family (cause I wont get to see them too often soon), I’d go back if I had the chance. New places need discovering though- not sure where I’ll be off to next!

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Jess x



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