CVs, Interviews and my new job!

I recently found out that I got the job I’ve been wanting ever since I read the job description! Yay me! I’m not saying I’m an interview guru but I’d thought I’d share some stuff with you, including a CV template.

I got my degree in computer science this year and didn’t actually want to go into a super-duper coding role. (I wrote about this in an earlier blog post about change).  Nevertheless, I wanted to share my experiences and tips about assessment days, interviews and CV writing in this post!


CV tips/ layout

#1 Always keep it simple – simple font, layout, no colours and keep it 2 pages maximum

I can’t stress this enough, employers don’t want to see your CV all messy and full of colour. Keep the font at Times New Roman or Calibri. Put your name and address at the top of the page with your phone number and/or email address.

#2 Show off!

A CV is for showing why your suitable for a job. Don’t forget to show your professional skills. Don’t write things like ‘I have good leadership skills’, show them how your have good leadership skills. On my CV I have a professional skills section where I have written a skill and underneath have bullet points showing how I have developed these skills. (See download template). I personally have a technical skills section on my CV too because of coding and certain software I have learnt to use. Put this in too if your the same!

#3 Don’t miss out the interests section

I was told once to get rid of the interests section by one employer and told the complete opposite from another! I decided that keeping it in is probably the best option because they want to see you as a person not a piece of paper. Knowing your interests and what you do outside of work is important to them. The only thing is to keep it short – one or two sentences at most. Also try and keep it relevant to a job, not ‘I like to nap and watch Netflix’.

#4  If you have a blog – put it on too!

Blogging and social media is a good way for developing skills. Put this on your CV as well. Blogging is a good way to express your writing and English skills, and that you can be committed to something. And they can read your work too if your leave a link!

Take a look at the template below I made to give you guys an idea! ⇓⇓

CV template download


Interviews/Assessment Days

If you made it past the initial CV stage – then great! Usually there is an interview or assessment day or both next.

I’ve been to a few assessment days and interviews during and after university. They all consist of the same thing really. Seeing how well you can work with others and/or how well you can speak about your experiences. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

#1 Try to stay calm

‘You’ve made it this far – they want to know more about you’. This is what I keep telling myself every time I’m at an interview or assessment day. This is cause its true, show them why they should hire you! Don’t hide it away cause your too nervous – they wanna know about you!

#2 If there is team working involved – be talkative and encourage others

This is what they look for in these activities. By these activities I mean silly things like building a tower or creating an advert to present together etc. Try to talk to other people in the group and especially those who aren’t talking so much. It will show your a team player and a motivator.

#3 Be honest

Don’t lie about anything on your CV or at an interview. Lying will only make it worse for yourself.

#4 Try not to be upset if you don’t get the job

If you don’t get the job – it doesn’t mean your bad – it may just mean some one else was a little better. There will always be people who have one or two more years experience than you or a different qualification to you. Its just something you have to accept and move on to the next job application!

I got my new job after applying for loads of different jobs at several different companies. I think the key is persistence, to stay motivated and not to worry. There will be a new job right round the corner for you, just keep looking!

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Jess x

dont give up

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