5 Things I Want To Achieve In The Next 12 Months

Next week I’m moving out to my new flat so I can get settled for my new job. This change has made me think and reflect about some stuff I want to do in the next 12 months.  I’m not someone who can do nothing, I constantly think about something and what I want out of life.

Now that I’ve graduated I’ve got my sights set on the future and I’m aiming high! In this post I’ve written a small list of some big things I want to achieve in the coming months!


#1 Settle into my new flat and job

I’ve already said in a previous post how I struggle with change and that it takes me a while to accept it. Well my first goal in this list is to do exactly that, accept this change and accept I’m not a uni student anymore. I have a new job that I start at the end of September too and although I’m excited – I’m nervous too, new people and a new place is slightly daunting. I’m sure once I have been there a few weeks it will feel much less scary!

#2 Run a 5k – and train for it! 

This has been a goal of mine for a while now, except I chickened out of a 5k this summer! I like to run outdoors and have done on and off for a few years, but now my ambition is to turn this into an achievement and have something to show for it (A medal mainly!). So I thought running a 5k is easier than a half marathon or a 10k and will be an easy target to work towards.

My only issue is I’m not a fan of gyms and as the days are getting shorter, which means I wont be comfortable running in the evenings. Which means I’ll probably have to go to a gym if I’m serious about this. I’ve found some runs in my local area, so I can make a little training plan when I’ve unpacked everything.

#3 Learn to drive

This is something I haven’t yet done, and I feel like I’m missing out! My BF or my mum drives me around and I feel like this is the last step in becoming fully independent. I kinda need this for my business idea too! I aim to start lessons when I’m settled in – scary!

#4 Practise my cocktail making skills

I love cocktails, making them and drinking them! At uni I was part of the cocktail society and brought my own kit. I loved using it at uni and make cocktails whenever me and my friends went on a night out. I need to get even better at making them and create my own ideas. I want to start my own business surrounding cocktails and I probably need to get more confident in making them.

#5 Learn more Spanish

One of my closest friends did Spanish at uni and got me interested in learning a bit. I used an app called Duolingo to learn the basics and have retained most of it. I think! My last goal is to carry on learning Spanish and become good enough so I can at least string a sentence together and have a conversation. I’ve found some online courses to improve and I plan to do these in my own time in between everything else!

I also want to continue blogging as I enjoy it! I like having the ability to share my ideas and reflect on whats happening in my life on my own little space on the internet.

Has anyone else got any goals in mind for the rest of 2018 and beyond?

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Jess x

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