Get To Know Me!

So I’ve recently got to 100 followers on Instagram, which doesn’t seem that much but its still 3 figures! Which to me is a little milestone! I’ve also started in my new job this week too, where I’ve been introducing myself to lots of new people and a new team. It’s quite nice that everyone in my team are new as well because it feels like we are all in this together kinda thing.

The idea for this post came this week when talking to all these new people and I realised that I haven’t really introduced myself to the people I’ve connected with over the internet. (Through Instagram, Facebook and WordPress itself). Also because my Instagram following has got to a little milestone lately too.

Snapchat-316537704 (1)

I thought I should introduce some hobbies I have:

First hobby I thoroughly enjoy is gaming. I have an Xbox One and I play PC games, and before that I’ve had many other consoles since I can remember. Playing video games is something that has been a constant thing throughout my life, and I do have a few favourites. Tomb Raider – purely because I love Lara Croft and what she represents. The Dragon Age series is just amazing and I’ve played them a few times. I used to play Assassins creed a lot but sort of lost track of the games after Rogue! At the minute I’m playing a lot of League of Legends and not much else because of lack of time. However, I plan to buy the new Tomb Raider game and the reinvented Spyro!

Sketching really stemmed from video games as I many draw video game characters. I didn’t know I could draw in the beginning. In the second year of uni my depression got really bad and one thing I found comforting was sketching and doodling. I brought a sketchbook to draw in but didn’t know where to start. I looked to video games for inspiration. The images below are some of my best sketches – the middle one is Lara Croft and the other two are from League of Legends. As I drew more and more I became better at it, hence why I have a few sketchbooks that are full now!

Going on walks has been a favourite thing to do of mine for a while – since we got a dog really. But now I go on walks in country parks or round lakes (or similar) without him as I left my mums home for work in Nottingham. I like being outdoors as work and hobbies include being at a computer. Its good exercise too!

Reading has only become a recent hobby of mine since last year. I’ve never really been ‘good at’ reading because I’m dyslexic. It takes me ages and I mean ages to read a book. I read the same sentence over and over again because I can’t remember what I read! However, since I’ve got into reading more – I’ve noticed my writing skills have improved. Reading back my dissertation last year shocked me because, personally, I thought I’d written it quite well! For me anyway! I’d noticed a huge improvement from my school days and was partly the reason I started this blog, to get even better! My favourite books so far are mainly thrillers or crime related – a classic Who done it? Gone Girl and Girl on the Train are particular good ones!

Another recent hobby of mine is running/jogging. I enjoy being outdoors a lot and I took up running in my final year because I wanted to get fit and not spend money – cheapskate I know! But now its become more than that, I signed up for a 5K run that is in less than 5 weeks away now! I’m terrified! I think I’m fit enough to run it (with maybe a cheeky walk break half way!), but I really need to improve my time! This 5K I’ve signed up for is only for charity, where you can walk, jog or run it. Its not a competitive race. It’ll be a good first public run to do – and I get a T-shirt and medal if I finish!

Blogging! This is something I love to do! I’ve had blogs before and only halfheartedly written on them. I had a tech blog that didn’t do very well – due to a number of reasons. Now I’m using a different platform which makes it easier to reach people. I’ve also got an Instagram profile (see right!) so I can connect with like minded people. I like blogging because I’ve got my own little space on the internet to talk about whatever I want!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! It means a lot!

Find me on Instagram or Pinterest or follow my blog for more!

Jess x


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