10 Eco-Friendly Things I Do


Looking after the environment is something I care about. Everyone should make a little change in their lives to ensure this planet survives for the next generation and others after us.  Since I’ve started work, I think I’ve become more ‘green’ because I walk to work and reuse bottles. I’m not a member of any eco organisations or anything like that, but I like to think that the things I do every day and every week are helping the environment a little bit. So I thought I’d share them with you all!

#1 Take reusable bags shopping – I always take bags shopping because it means I don’t have a massive pile of them at home. If I got new bags each time, that is. It also means they stay out of landfill!

#2 Always take showers – (unless I’m ill) Showers use around 10 gallons less compared to baths. Showers don’t just save water, but the energy it takes to pump water to our homes and heat it is also saved when using less water.

#3 Walking to work – I live about 25 minutes away from work and I walk it! It saves me using the bus which is better for the environment, and its healthy for me!

#4 Reusable bottles and flasks – I take reusable bottles to work and a flask for hot drinks. It means that I don’t have to have a paper cup from the coffee shops, which are difficult to recycle.

#5 Don’t tumble dry clothes – I use my clothes airer to dry my clothes. Tumble dryers use so much energy, why use that when we can dry our clothes naturally?

#6 I put a jumper on before putting the heating on – most of the time you’ll warm up when putting a jumper on and/or a blanket before the heating gets going.

#7 Eating less meat – Now I’m not going to shout at people to go vegan or whatever, but eating less meat can help the environment. I found out that it takes 2,000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. I haven’t even looked into the fuel consumption or the deforestation. So having a meat-free Monday or even a few days a week can help the environment a little.

#8 Giving clothes to charity shops instead of throwing them away – I always do this when I have a clear out. It means that some one can reuse your clothes/shoes and they don’t go into landfill.

#9 Love leftovers! I reduce my food waste as much as possible – Less food wasted means less in landfill! There is so many wonderful recipes for leftovers and it will make your money go further!

#10 Don’t leave things on standby – I know this is the first thing that people say when trying to be eco friendly, but its works. Less electricity usage is better for the environment and will save a few quid over the year!

Thanks for reading my list – if you have any other ideas for me, let me know!

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Jess x

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