5K Race Training

It’s only a few weeks away until my 5K race for charity. I’m not feeling too nervous at the minute but I know when I get to the start line I will be! I’ve never done a 5K before so I’ve been planning how I can get myself fit and ready for it. I’ve put together at little 5 week plan for my 5K. (See image below)

I’ve decided to go to the gym 3 times a week and go for an outdoor run on Sundays. This way I won’t get used to running on the treadmill and get a feel for running on uneven ground. At the gym I have a little warm-up on the bikes for 10 or so minutes. Then I run on the treadmill for the distance I specify (I’m building this up each week/session). I’ll have a little cool down on the cross-trainer.

5k plan screenshot

I’ve been trying to improve my time too – its getting better and better with each session I have. Currently I can do 1k in about 8/9 minutes, which to me is really good! I don’t consider myself as a sporty person but since I’ve been going to the gym I’ve really enjoyed it. In my latest session I ran 3k in around 26 minutes – which I’m impressed with!

I understand that I need to run outdoors to get used to running on hard ground rather than a treadmill. This is why I am trying to fit in an outdoor run each weekend to get a feel for it.

On top of all this I’m trying to eat healthy too. I’m having a few meat free days and eating more fruit and vegetables. Pre-work out snacks are a thing now too – so I try to eat nuts or have a banana before going to the gym. I’m finding this easier than any other diet that I have done. I think its because I am working towards something other than weight loss. I’m trying to push myself towards a common goal – completing the 5k in a not so embarrassing time! This is why I like going to the gym too, I’m not just aimlessly exercising till I drop a few pounds. I’m actually working towards a goal that doesn’t involve my looks.

Thanks for reading my plan – if you have any other ideas or think I should adjust mine plan, let me know!

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Jess x


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