The Best Things About Autumn


We are now fully in autumn, and its my favourite time of the year! Don’t get me wrong, I like summer too, but when it gets colder, it’s just the best! There is so many things that are wonderful about this time of the year – the run up to Christmas is definitely one of them!

  1. Colours! I love autumn colours; browns, oranges and yellows. The outdoors always looks better in autumn, there is just a magical feel about it. Clothes often resemble these colours and I love these too!
  2. Events! There are plenty of holidays and events in autumn, especially if you live in or near Nottingham like me! Goose fair and Bonfire night at forest recreation ground is the best, the highlight of autumn. Halloween is great, all the cute decorations and sweets …
  3. Clothing! This is one of my favourite things about autumn. I love huge jumpers and fluffy socks. Blankets while watching TV and ankle boots for walks outside just takes me to my happy place!
  4. Food! All the best dinners are in autumn and winter! Hotpots, stews, roast dinners, soups, and warm desserts are things you just can’t eat in summer. I love cooking with butternut squash and carrots in autumn because they are seasonal vegetables. I made soup a few weeks back, you can take a look at that recipe here.
  5. Weather! I’m one of those people who does like warm weather but much prefers cold weather. Autumn weather is wonderful, I like rainy evenings and cold mornings, it makes having a hot drink much more special!

Thanks for reading – What are you favourite things about autumn?

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Jess x


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