My first 5k!

Yesterday I really felt like I achieved something! Running a 5k would have never been on my to-do list last year, but now I’ve done it! I’m so proud of myself.


The run was at 11 in the morning, so I didn’t have to get up too early, which was nice. I felt really nervous beforehand and didn’t want to do it. I was looking at the ground and not really talking much. But once the warm up began and we set off on the actual run, it faded and I felt part of something.

I jogged without stopping until the 1.5km mark when I had to walk and catch my breath – I was a bit red by this point. I followed my plan of jogging to the next 1k mark then walking for 1 minute then jogging again then repeat 4 times till the end. My only issue with the course was that it was quite hilly. There were several hills that seemed to slow most people down. However, my plan seemed to work because I finished the run faster than I have done in the gym.Β Doing the 5k in the winter also made it better as I wasn’t over heating, and when I walked I cooled down as well.

I completed it in 42:36 – which I could not believe! I’d run 3.7k in the gym in 39 minutes, so 42 minutes for the whole thing was amazing! When I got to the finish line and saw my time I felt so happy and proud of myself. My friends thought I would take longer than I did and didn’t expect me at the finish line that early!

It was such a good morning and I really felt like a part of something. Everyone was wearing the same T-shirt, we’d all raised a little money for charity and had fun doing it. Everyone cheered each other on and the stewards were giving people high-fives to motivate them. I honestly loved it and I had this wonderful happy feeling at the end. I have definitely achieved something this week!

Running a 5k is something that I wanted to do this year and I’ve proven to myself that when I put my mind to something I can do it! I 100% want to do another one and will be looking for more to sign up to. (I’ve already seen there is Santa runs near Christmas!) Below is a picture of me looking sweaty after the run! P.S the t-shirt looks huge on me because its a large!


Thank you for reading this post – this run meant a lot to me. I proved to myself that if you put your mind to it, you can do it!

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Jess x

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