Spyro Game Review


I pre-ordered Spyro reignited trilogy (obviously) and it came last week! I was so excited to play it, I couldn’t wait until it finished downloading. I was part of the generation that enjoyed the first Spyro games on PlayStation 1 and when I heard about Spyro making a come back, I felt like a child again. I have been playing it non-stop since I got it and it has not disappointed me.

 For starters, it is exactly the same as I remember it. I know as a child every video game seems amazing and the best it could be, but when I compared the graphics between the reignited trilogy and the original – I was like wow. There are tons of videos online comparing the two and I was shocked because I thought the graphics and game-play of the original were excellent (As you do as a kid). Playing the new one has proven me wrong. I love it even more!

Firstly, fun factor. The game is just as fun now as when I was a kid. Collecting gems, rescuing dragons and chasing the egg thief are all still present in the game, including all the tricky puzzles to get to those last few gems.  Yes, the puzzles may be a little easier now I have grown up, but they are still fun to complete. The easier levels only took me 10/15 minutes to complete. Defeating enemies and making progress through the levels is still incredibly fun. I’ve only really died when I fell off the edge using supercharge.

The gameplay is smooth, fluid and much better than the original.  Gliding is much nicer in the new game, I can actually land on platforms without falling off. Attacking and charging is still the same motion but much cleaner, this makes it easier to aim at enemies. I also love the fact that they have added a guidebook to check your progress on each level, which they didn’t have in the old version. This means that you can figure out how much you have left to do.

Graphics are now up to date and crystal clear. As I mentioned at the beginning, the comparison is shocking. The updated graphics have brought the game into the 21st century. Each dragon you rescue now has a unique look about them rather than a copied and pasted shell like in the old games. It gives each world and its levels more personality, which is only a good thing. Sparx the dragonfly has also got a new look, where you can actually see his face! If you are idle for a moment, Sparx will fly up to the camera to say hi! One thing I did notice though was that if you are on low health (which is determined by the colour of Sparx) then you rescue a dragon and heal yourself at the same time, Sparx will lag out a little. He will stop and then instantly change colour, without doing the animation. This isn’t a huge problem though because you still heal up. 


The soundtrack is still the same, which I love! I didn’t want them to change it in any way as it would take away the magic of Spyro. All the sound for the actions and attacks made by Spyro are the same and so are the little blue thief and other enemies. It just makes the game feel so nostalgic. 

I’m not sure how much value this game has in terms of replayability for me. I’m one of those people who likes to complete a game fully. I collect every gem, rescue every dragon and get back every stolen egg. I like to do this first time around too. So if I was asked if I would go back and play it again, maybe not. That doesn’t mean it is a bad game, just if there is nothing else for me to do or explore then I’m probably not gonna go back to it, as it’s not open world either. Having said that, this does not make the game less fun or less nostalgic. I still love Spyro!

Overall, the game is updated, beautiful and most of all; fun. I can’t wait to finish all of the games and collect every gem. People who grew up with Spyro will love the Reignited Trilogy and I hope kids now will enjoy the game just as I did as a kid. If your thinking about buying the game, I’d definitely recommend. It’s filled me with happiness and nostalgia.

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Jess x



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