Why I started blogging

I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, and I’ve had a think about the reasons why I actually started this blog. I have had a blog in the past, but it never really took off. I neglected it and didn’t really post that much. It was mainly to reflect my studies at school and uni. Now that I have graduated and got a job, writing is one of my hobbies. Hence why I started this blog!

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I like blogging because it forces me to be creative every month and every week. I think that I can lose touch with being creative and blogging is a good way to show that. It lets me reflect on what is happening in my life as well as documenting stuff that I do. I’m a very chatty person in real life and I find it really comforting being able to chat online too. When people read my posts, it’s even better!

I enjoy being open about my life and mental health, its something that has always affected me and I have always found it helpful to speak to other people about it. Blogging about this is super productive for me. It gives me a chance to engage with other people and hear what they have to say too. I have a reflective section on my blog where I post about stuff I’ve been thinking about or my mental health. Like others have mentioned, it’s a good way to ‘let it out’. I think if I didn’t have a blog or some sort of outlet when I needed it, I think I’d go mad.

Blogging is also a community. I have engaged with people on Instagram and Facebook. There are so many groups and communities to meet people and bounce ideas off each other. It’s good to be able to share content with others in these groups and hear what people have to say. I love how social blogging is and how it has helped me develop my writing. I’ve got many more ideas to come!

I also started blogging to improve my English and grammar skills. In a previous post, I was quite open about being dyslexic. It’s something that has affected me for as long as I can remember. Through school, I struggled with writing essays and reports, but practice makes perfect. I feel like the more you do something, the better you get at it, which is why I like blogging. It makes me think about sentence structure and the words I use in those sentences.

I love reading what other people have to say too. Blogging is such a social hobby and reading other blogs gives me inspiration. Learning from other people and their experiences is always so interesting. I’ve found so many people to follow and blogs to read, I’m overwhelmed with choice.

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Jess x




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