10 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

As Christmas draws nearer, people are beginning to think about Christmas presents. I love homemade gifts, it shows that you are willing to spend time rather than money on presents. I’ve put together a list of 10 things you can make for your loved ones this year:

Merry Christmas Photo

  • Make jam – When you make jam you only need two ingredients – the fruit of your choice and sugar (preferably with added pectin). It’s a super cute idea to give your loved ones a gift that will last them for months after Christmas!


  • Make cards – OK so, not exactly a gift, but it’s the smallest homemade thing you can give. Even if you don’t make all your Christmas presents, you can buy kits to make your own cards then give these to your loved ones.


  • Create a hamper – Making a large hamper for everyone is probably not cost effective but you could make one for your parents or your partner. Fill it with their favourite food or drink. Hampers can have biscuits, cheese, wine, jams, pickles or maybe even chocolate.


  • Bake Biscuits – Really easy to do. Get some cutters, some nice tins/boxes and maybe some ribbon. Gingerbread is a good option, or shortbread if your feeling adventurous!


  • Bake a cake – Again, easy to do. Bake some Christmas cake, Malteser Christmas pudding cake or even a gateau. Cut it up and put some in a hamper!


  • Cake in a jar present – If you’ve not heard of this concept, its essentially a large jar with the dry ingredients for baking a cake in! It’s a cheap idea for the recipient to enjoy whenever they wish!


  • Knit a hat/scarf  – Not one for the inexperienced knitter, but if you can knit a hat in a few days, its a lovely gift for this time of the year.


  • DIY hot chocolate kit with a mug – This is basically a little hamper in a mug. You can put little hot chocolate sachets, mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles in a mug ready for your recipient to enjoy whenever.


  • Soap – Now, I have never made soap but I have seen homemade soap and its so lovely. If you know how to do this, give some as a Christmas present this year!


  • Spa in a jar – This is similar to the cake in a jar but with skin care products. Have a jar filled with mini bath bombs, moisturiser, soap, face masks and more!


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Jess x

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