Christmas In Our House

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Christmas is wonderful for you! This week, I though I’d share what Christmas is like in our house.

white and green leaves

It’s not usually manic because I have a small family, we don’t have loads of people round or anything like that. Christmas is all about the 4 of us, plus my dog. I don’t think it would be the same if there was more people in the house.

On Christmas morning we all open our presents from under the tree whilst still in our PJs. Even though presents aren’t the main reason I love Christmas, I still like sitting down in the living room opening them all. I like to give presents and watching my family open them makes me so happy.

Our house is always decorated inside and out. Pretty Christmas lights surround the outside of the house and we have tinsel, cards and toy soldiers on the mantle piece. I love it!

We have a dog, so going for a long walk on Christmas is a must. Its always nice to work up an appetite before the huge dinner. It’s so lovely to wish everyone you see a Merry Christmas as well.

The Christmas dinner we have is amazing. Mum always gets multiple cuts of meat from different birds! We have turkey topped with bacon, duck and beef (not a bird, I know). We have brussel sprouts (an English favourite), pigs in blankets (another UK favourite) and lots of stuffing and veg! There is always so much food left over we have it for the next few days!

Christmas time always means films in our house. We always buy a TV guide and make sure we know whats on. This year we will be watching Lone Ranger, Alice in Wonderland and Jurassic World.

What is Christmas like in your house?

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Jess x


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