New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

As its New Years Eve, I thought I could post about resolutions. Everyone always makes the same New Years resolutions like ‘Lose weight’ or ‘Exercise more’. Then we get disappointed when we can’t stick to them because they aren’t tangible. I think we shouldn’t expect so much of ourselves and set do-able targets.

NYE Photo

I’ve come up with some New Years resolutions you could actually keep for more than a few months! The list is below:

  • Read one book a month


  • Call your parents/cousins/grandparents more often


  • Eat at least 2 vegetables at dinner time


  • Take more time for yourself – have a relaxing bath once a week or indulge in something you love more often


  • Spend more time outside


  • Walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work/school/uni


  • Learn a new skill – try painting/sketching


  • Get 7/8 hours of sleep a night


  • Learn a new language


  • Save Β£X a month (set your own targets)


  • Volunteer a few times a month


  • Cook something new each week/month


  • Visit a new place


  • Eat less snacks


  • Eat less meat


  • Change one thing about your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly


  • Use less plastic


  • Say yes to more things


  • Try to make more genuine connections with people


  • Learn to drive if you haven’t already


  • Spend more time with family


I hope I’ve given you some suggestions! My new years resolution(s) is to: learn to drive and eat less snacks! What’s yours?

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Jess x

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions You Can Keep”

  1. those are great tips! I really wish though I had time to read a book once a month but with uni, I always have uni stuff to read πŸ˜… but def try to do those tips of your list ☺️


  2. Nice ideas! I think, for me at least, that if I print out a list and hang it up where I can see it on a daily basis it helps me to remember.


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