How Going To The Gym Has Helped Me


I’ve been going to the gym since September last year (which isn’t long) and I can honestly say it has helped me in so many ways. If you are still looking for a reason to go to the gym/workout, let me tell you about how it has helped me.

I go to the gym with my uni friend and my sister (also my work friend too soon!) I decided to start going to the gym because I had started my new job. My job is really good, I enjoy it, but it involves sitting down at a desk all day. I wanted to give myself some time in the day where I could burn off some energy and help my body not become stiff.

I chose to go to a gym in the city centre, which is basically on my way home from work. This way I can get exercise in when I walk to work, walk home from work on non-gym days and walking to the gym.

After going to the gym, I definitely feel stronger in myself. I have ventured into the weights section and I actually like it more than cardio. I know cardio is important for fat loss and warming up for the weights, but there is something more rewarding with weights. I like getting tangible results; with cardio, it’s harder to see. When I’m using the weight machines, I can move the pin up to a higher weight when I feel the one I’m currently on doesn’t push me. I am up to 60kg on legs, but still embarrassingly low on anything upper body! (I’m still working on it, the only way is up!) Every time I try to go up a weight, I really struggle!

I have also felt my stamina increasing when I do cardio. When I started going to the gym, I couldn’t jog on the treadmill for more than 30 seconds! I did a 5k in November last year! If that isn’t an improvement, I don’t know what is! I ran the 5k quicker than I expected too, now I’ve caught the bug. I want to do another 5k soon before the weather gets way to warm to run.

I used to get a lot of back pain too, especially in the lower back. Since I’ve been working out at the gym, this has basically disappeared. It used to be so bad that I used to take co-codamol for it and have days where it would be so painful to get out of bed. Now that I have started moving and exercising, it has got so much better!

My anxiety has got better too. During university and school, my anxiety was really bad. At school, I wouldn’t go out with friends or go anywhere apart from school. At university, it did get better because I made more friends. Whilst at uni, it developed into more of a seasonal issue, I got depression in the winter months when the clocks changed. (This is another story!) However, going to the gym now that I have graduated has kept depression and anxiety at bay. I go to the gym after work and walk home the in dark with no fears. I don’t know if this is a direct result of the gym but I’m not complaining. I think other factors in my life have affected my anxiety in a positive way but the gym has definitely helped improve my mood.

I’m glad I started going to the gym as it has helped me so much, I can’t imagine not going to the gym during the week now!

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Jess x

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