Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines day is fast approaching and for people who celebrate it, it’s a time to show how much you love one another. Personally, me and my boyfriend go out for dinner and have a drink or two but don’t get each other tons of presents. If you do get your other half some presents and don’t really wanna go down the chocolates and flowers route, I have some alternative ideas for you! Take a look at my list of meaningful gifts below:

  • Create a date night ideas pot – Write some date night ideas on some small bits of card/paper and put them in a pot. Give this to your partner and let them pick a date night at random! Some ideas for this might include:
    • Watching a film at the cinema of their choice
    • Going for a picnic in the summer
    • Going to the arcades for the afternoon
    • Having a duvet day
    • Letting your partner take a night off while you cook for them
    • Going on a shopping day

  • Bake some cupcakes or biscuits and decorate them with hearts etc. Give them to your partner in a nice box.

  • Write all the reasons why you love them and put them in a pot too.

  • Get a nice photo frame and put a photo of you both in it.

  • Make some marshmallow pops – These are like cake pops but don’t require baking, you can decorate them with love hearts and kisses.

  • Create them a goodie bag of all their favourite things.

  • Make bath bombs – I’ve never made them myself though!

  • Make couples coupons – I did this one year, they are essentially you promising your partner something in the future and writing a voucher for it. I wrote things like; I will bake a chocolate cake when you redeem this coupon etc.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Jess x

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