Blogging with a full time job

I’m currently really happy with my job/career. I feel like I am progressing well and gaining confidence. I don’t dread coming to work like I have done with other jobs. I like the people I work with and we do work well together. Coming to work is different everyday, I deal with different people, different industries and different small businesses. Everyday is different.

I understand that many people blog for a full time job and have far better blogs/content than me but its difficult to manage my blog with a full time job as well. I work 9-5:30 so I’m out the house from half 8 till 6. By the time I’m back from work, I need to cook, eat and then relax. By this point I don’t really have much creative energy left. I can’t really think of what to write let alone write it.

This is why I tend to write posts at the weekends (mainly Sundays) because I don’t really have a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. When I do have plans, I try to write something before the plans happen. Until you’ve experienced a sort of writers block, you wont know how hard this is. Sometimes I struggle for ideas when I’ve been super busy at work and then work is the only thing I can think about.

I like to plan out ideas for the month. I will write the dates I want to post on a piece of paper then plan out ideas for each post. Most of the time I try to look for events and holidays that are happening around the same time, this gives me inspiration. I have big plans for the summer content on my blog, but I think I’m am struggling to go there.

I post once a week too. This means that I wont expect to much of myself. If I said that I should post more, I don’t think I would do so. It would be too much for me to manage. Keeping the blog posts to a minimum is a good thing for my time management!

How do you manage blogging with other commitments?

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Jess x


Update: What I want to achieve in the next 12 months

I didn’t post anything last week because it was a hard week for me to focus. I’d lost someone very close to me and it has been hard. I feel like I am slowing healing and getting back on track. Keep reading for this weeks post.

When I started my blog 6 or so months ago, I set myself some goals to achieve over the next 12 months. 6 months into this, I thought I’d write a little update on how far I’ve got. I’ve written the 5 things I wanted to achieve again below and how far I’ve got.

#1 Settle into my new flat and job

I have definitely done this. I still really like my job and part of me thought the novelty would have worn off by now but it hasn’t! I really like being able to communicate with so many different people in my working week. I really like my flat and where I live because I can walk to work. I keep telling new people I meet about uni and say that I think I have really landed on my feet with this job straight out of uni. I couldn’t be happier with my career start!

#2 Run a 5k – and train for it! 

I ticked this one off in November of last year. I started to go to the gym to get my stamina up for the race. I still go to the gym because it has just became part of my week now. I really enjoyed running the 5k and I want to do another one soon, but I can’t seem to find anyone to do it with me!

#3 Learn to drive

I started lessons at the beginning of the year, only an hour a week. I have only just figured out how the clutch works and how to not stall at junctions! I am just really cautious when driving and don’t really like to go to fast at the moment. I’m also reading up on my theory but still need to set a date to do my test. I’ll get there in the end!

#4 Practise my cocktail making skills

This has basically become irrelevant now. I realised what I really needed to do was get a ‘proper’ job before starting my own business. I needed money, experience and the knowledge to set up a business, but I don’t have that as of yet. Being my own boss is still my dream because there is something about it that inspires me.

#5 Learn more Spanish

This is something I have started doing recently. I have an app on my phone that has 5 minute lessons that I can do any time. I’m not confident enough to speak in Spanish in Spain though!

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Jess x


Christmas In Our House

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Christmas is wonderful for you! This week, I though I’d share what Christmas is like in our house.

white and green leaves

It’s not usually manic because I have a small family, we don’t have loads of people round or anything like that. Christmas is all about the 4 of us, plus my dog. I don’t think it would be the same if there was more people in the house.

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Why I started blogging

I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, and I’ve had a think about the reasons why I actually started this blog. I have had a blog in the past, but it never really took off. I neglected it and didn’t really post that much. It was mainly to reflect my studies at school and uni. Now that I have graduated and got a job, writing is one of my hobbies. Hence why I started this blog!

closeup photo of black smartphone near black and grey pencil on black spiral notebook

I like blogging because it forces me to be creative every month and every week. I think that I can lose touch with being creative and blogging is a good way to show that. It lets me reflect on what is happening in my life as well as documenting stuff that I do. I’m a very chatty person in real life and I find it really comforting being able to chat online too. When people read my posts, it’s even better!

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