Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines day is fast approaching and for people who celebrate it, it’s a time to show how much you love one another. Personally, me and my boyfriend go out for dinner and have a drink or two but don’t get each other tons of presents. If you do get your other half some presents and don’t really wanna go down the chocolates and flowers route, I have some alternative ideas for you! Take a look at my list of meaningful gifts below:

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6 Ways To Stay Organised This January

Most people make new years resolutions – some of these are to reduce stress or lose weight/exercise more. I think that becoming organised at work and school/uni can reduce stress and help get the year off to a good start.

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I’ve put together five ways I keep myself organised at work and at home, see the list below:

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New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

As its New Years Eve, I thought I could post about resolutions. Everyone always makes the same New Years resolutions like ‘Lose weight’ or ‘Exercise more’. Then we get disappointed when we can’t stick to them because they aren’t tangible. I think we shouldn’t expect so much of ourselves and set do-able targets.

NYE Photo

I’ve come up with some New Years resolutions you could actually keep for more than a few months! The list is below:

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I love Christmas, its such a special time of the year. I always spend it at home with my family. Work is feeling festive too at the minute. Christmas parties are in full swing, Christmas songs are being played and workplaces are starting to do Secret Santa.

Christmas Presents

Secret Santa is a nice way to make sure everyone in the group gets a Christmas present. I collected a few ideas for Secret Santa in this weeks post, take a look at the list:

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