Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I love Christmas, its such a special time of the year. I always spend it at home with my family. Work is feeling festive too at the minute. Christmas parties are in full swing, Christmas songs are being played and workplaces are starting to do Secret Santa.

Christmas Presents

Secret Santa is a nice way to make sure everyone in the group gets a Christmas present. I collected a few ideas for Secret Santa in this weeks post, take a look at the list:

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Why I started blogging

I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, and I’ve had a think about the reasons why I actually started this blog. I have had a blog in the past, but it never really took off. I neglected it and didn’t really post that much. It was mainly to reflect my studies at school and uni. Now that I have graduated and got a job, writing is one of my hobbies. Hence why I started this blog!

closeup photo of black smartphone near black and grey pencil on black spiral notebook

I like blogging because it forces me to be creative every month and every week. I think that I can lose touch with being creative and blogging is a good way to show that. It lets me reflect on what is happening in my life as well as documenting stuff that I do. I’m a very chatty person in real life and I find it really comforting being able to chat online too. When people read my posts, it’s even better!

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League of Legends Art

This week I’d thought I’d share a bit more about me. I like to draw, in particular league of legends characters. League is probably my most played video game, more than anything on Xbox. When I’m not playing, I draw, and I thought I should put some sketches on my blog!

Kindred – The Eternal hunters, who represent the two essences of death.

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Spyro Game Review


I pre-ordered Spyro reignited trilogy (obviously) and it came last week! I was so excited to play it, I couldn’t wait until it finished downloading. I was part of the generation that enjoyed the first Spyro games on PlayStation 1 and when I heard about Spyro making a come back, I felt like a child again. I have been playing it non-stop since I got it and it has not disappointed me.

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