Blogging with a full time job

I’m currently really happy with my job/career. I feel like I am progressing well and gaining confidence. I don’t dread coming to work like I have done with other jobs. I like the people I work with and we do work well together. Coming to work is different everyday, I deal with different people, different industries and different small businesses. Everyday is different.

I understand that many people blog for a full time job and have far better blogs/content than me but its difficult to manage my blog with a full time job as well. I work 9-5:30 so I’m out the house from half 8 till 6. By the time I’m back from work, I need to cook, eat and then relax. By this point I don’t really have much creative energy left. I can’t really think of what to write let alone write it.

This is why I tend to write posts at the weekends (mainly Sundays) because I don’t really have a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. When I do have plans, I try to write something before the plans happen. Until you’ve experienced a sort of writers block, you wont know how hard this is. Sometimes I struggle for ideas when I’ve been super busy at work and then work is the only thing I can think about.

I like to plan out ideas for the month. I will write the dates I want to post on a piece of paper then plan out ideas for each post. Most of the time I try to look for events and holidays that are happening around the same time, this gives me inspiration. I have big plans for the summer content on my blog, but I think I’m am struggling to go there.

I post once a week too. This means that I wont expect to much of myself. If I said that I should post more, I don’t think I would do so. It would be too much for me to manage. Keeping the blog posts to a minimum is a good thing for my time management!

How do you manage blogging with other commitments?

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Jess x


Why I started blogging

I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, and I’ve had a think about the reasons why I actually started this blog. I have had a blog in the past, but it never really took off. I neglected it and didn’t really post that much. It was mainly to reflect my studies at school and uni. Now that I have graduated and got a job, writing is one of my hobbies. Hence why I started this blog!

closeup photo of black smartphone near black and grey pencil on black spiral notebook

I like blogging because it forces me to be creative every month and every week. I think that I can lose touch with being creative and blogging is a good way to show that. It lets me reflect on what is happening in my life as well as documenting stuff that I do. I’m a very chatty person in real life and I find it really comforting being able to chat online too. When people read my posts, it’s even better!

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Invisible Disabilities Week – Dyslexia

This week I’m taking part in Invisible disabilities week! I have written a guest post for the chronicle sunflower blog! I’m so pleased to be working with her!

This post is part of Invisible Disabilities Week and I’m glad to be a part of it! There is more information on how to get involved here. My full post is below – have a read!

‘Dyslexia is more of a learning style’ – that’s how I see myself. I don’t see dyslexia as a ‘disability’, however it is something I have and people don’t see. The formal definition of dyslexia is : Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling.


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Get To Know Me!

So I’ve recently got to 100 followers on Instagram, which doesn’t seem that much but its still 3 figures! Which to me is a little milestone! I’ve also started in my new job this week too, where I’ve been introducing myself to lots of new people and a new team. It’s quite nice that everyone in my team are new as well because it feels like we are all in this together kinda thing.

The idea for this post came this week when talking to all these new people and I realised that I haven’t really introduced myself to the people I’ve connected with over the internet. (Through Instagram, Facebook and WordPress itself). Also because my Instagram following has got to a little milestone lately too.

Snapchat-316537704 (1)

I thought I should introduce some hobbies I have:

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