10 Eco-Friendly Things I Do


Looking after the environment is something I care about. Everyone should make a little change in their lives to ensure this planet survives for the next generation and others after us.  Since I’ve started work, I think I’ve become more ‘green’ because I walk to work and reuse bottles. I’m not a member of any eco organisations or anything like that, but I like to think that the things I do every day and every week are helping the environment a little bit. So I thought I’d share them with you all!

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Get To Know Me!

So I’ve recently got to 100 followers on Instagram, which doesn’t seem that much but its still 3 figures! Which to me is a little milestone! I’ve also started in my new job this week too, where I’ve been introducing myself to lots of new people and a new team. It’s quite nice that everyone in my team are new as well because it feels like we are all in this together kinda thing.

The idea for this post came this week when talking to all these new people and I realised that I haven’t really introduced myself to the people I’ve connected with over the internet. (Through Instagram, Facebook and WordPress itself). Also because my Instagram following has got to a little milestone lately too.

Snapchat-316537704 (1)

I thought I should introduce some hobbies I have:

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